Welcome To KAMITO.org

Our vision for this site is to create something relating to people with disabilities (PWD) and senior citizens. We know that disability is not a distant possibility, but a reality that can affect anyone at any time. You may think you are safe from accidents, diseases, or birth defects, but you can never be sure. And even if you are, you can’t escape aging. Just look at the elders around you. How many of them struggle with vision, hearing, mobility, or cognitive issues? How many of them suffer from arthritis, heart problems, dementia, or other conditions?

“We’re still brainstorming what to do with this website, so feel free to share your ideas. We’re open to anything, even if it’s crazy or outlandish. The worst we can say is no. So go ahead and let your imagination run wild! And don’t forget to fill out the form below. We appreciate your feedback.”

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