Free Career Guidance or Counselling

Free Career Guidance Programs in the Philippines: Empowering the Youth

Free Career Guidance or Counselling

Elementary or grade school serves as the foundation for high school education. In turn, high school prepares students for further studies in college, university, or vocational schools (post-secondary education). This post-secondary education is not just about preparing for our careers, but also for our adult life, including retirement. Therefore, making the right career choice early on is crucial. Continually switching courses can lead to wasted time, money, and effort. So, it’s important to carefully consider your options and make informed decisions about your future.

In the Philippines, several non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are dedicated to providing free career guidance and counseling services. These organizations aim to empower the youth, helping them make informed decisions about their future careers. Here are some of the NGOs offering these services:

  1. GuidanceNGO: This local NGO conducts free seminars nationwide, aiming to intensify awareness about areas of concern in the educational community and developing solutions to address them².
  2. Asia Pacific Career Development Association – Philippines: This international NGO is dedicated to career development. They conduct workshops on innovating student career journeys and prepare students for the evolving job market³.
  3. Public Employment Service Office (PESO): Although not an NGO, PESO is a non-fee charging multi-employment service facility maintained by Local Government Units and NGOs. It provides direct job matching for job seekers and employers.
  4. MentalHealthPH: While primarily focused on mental health, this NGO also provides resources that inspire and educate, which can be beneficial for career guidance.
  5. University of the Philippines Diliman Psychosocial Services (UPD PsycServ): This service, available for currently enrolled UP Diliman students, faculty, and staff, offers free counseling or psychotherapy services.

Remember, making a career choice is a significant decision. Take advantage of these free resources to guide you on your path. Your future is in your hands!

Please note that the availability of these services may vary, and it’s best to contact the respective organizations directly for the most accurate information. Happy career hunting!

Meta Description: Discover a list of free career guidance and counseling programs offered by local and international NGOs in the Philippines. These programs aim to empower the youth and help them make informed career decisions.
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