Who We Are

KAMITO.org is more than just a website. It’s a platform that celebrates the achievements of Pilipinos with disabilities (PWD), senior citizens (SC), Parents Of PWDs (POP) in the Philippines. Within KAMITO.org, you’ll discover a diverse, well-orchestrated, and high-potential group of individuals, each with unique talents, skills, and areas of expertise. We are a dedicated group of PWDs, SCs, POPs and our supporters who believe in the power of community and support.

At KAMITO.org, we firmly believe that diversity is our strength. Like a symphony orchestra, we harmonize different instruments to create beautiful music. Our backgrounds, cultures, values, experiences, and ideas blend seamlessly to form a collaborative force that knows no bounds.

Our Mission

To help improve the quality of life of organizations our fellow Pilipinos With Disabilities (PWD), Senior Citizens (SC), and Parents Of PWDs (POP) in the Philippines to achieve their strategic goals and visions. Our primary objective is to help fellow individuals enhance their quality of life by offering resources and services that address their unique needs.

To get started, we are now on our beta stage of our online community for our stakeholders. Through our platform, PWDs, SCs, POPs, and volunteer supporters can have their own personal presence on line in addition to their social media account.

Chris Delali once said,

“Everyone deserves to be seen and heard, even if they have a disability or are a senior citizen. We help make that happen by giving them a place online to share their skills and connect with others.”

Join me on this journey to excellence. Together, we’ll explore new horizons, break barriers, and prove that collaboration, diversity, and expertise are the keys to unlocking limitless possibilities.

Explore. Collaborate. Succeed.

Inspired by our growth and engagement in social media groups, particularly the PWD Leaders and Resources for PWD Facebook Groups, KAMITO.org was founded with the aim of extending our reach and impact. We saw the need to create a centralized platform that provides free online services and information to empower our fellow PWDs and SCs.

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”

While the key individuals involved in KAMITO.org prefer to remain anonymous, our driving force is the belief that true fulfillment comes from helping others without expecting anything in return. We also seek partnerships with organizations that share our mission, vision, and philosophy, as collaboration strengthens our collective impact.

What sets KAMITO.org apart from similar initiatives in the field is our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. We understand the importance of providing information and services in a way that everyone can understand and utilize. By embracing local languages and ensuring our platform is user-friendly, we aim to reach and empower as many individuals as possible.

Over the years, we have achieved significant milestones and witnessed success stories within the PWD community. We take pride in our role in initiating the trend of creating different kinds of Facebook groups related to PWDs in the Philippines. From just a handful of groups with limited membership, we have seen exponential growth, with numerous active Facebook groups that serve as valuable resources for PWDs. This growth reflects the increasing engagement and support within the community.

At KAMITO.org, we believe that collective efforts can bring about meaningful change. Join us in our mission to empower PWDs, SCs, and POPs and together, let’s create a more inclusive and supportive society.