Account / Profile Management

Each of these features and functionalities helps us to have a personalized and interactive experience on the site. They allow us to manage how we interact with others and control how others see us on the site. They also give us control over our content and personal data.

Profile: This is where we can view and edit our personal information. We can also change our profile photo and cover image to personalize our profile.
  • View: Allows us to view our current profile information.
  • Edit: Lets us edit our profile information. Members can also pick and choose the visibility of each information in their profile. Their choices are:
    • Everyone (entire public / website visitors),
    • All Members (Members Only),
    • My Friends (Our Friends Only), and
    • Only Me (only you can see).
  • Change Profile Photo: We can change our profile photo here.
  • Change Cover Image: This allows us to change the cover image of our profile.
Activity: This section keeps track of our interactions on the site. It includes mentions, notifications, favorites, friends, and groups.
  • Mentions: Shows where we’ve been mentioned in posts by others.
  • Notifications: Displays notifications related to our activity.
  • Favorites: Lists posts that we’ve marked as favorites.
  • Friends: Shows activity from our friends.
  • Groups: Displays activity from groups we’re part of.
Sites: This feature allows us to manage the sites we are associated with in the network.

A Member needs to qualify to create their own turn-key, read-to-use site

Notifications: Here, we can view all our notifications, both read and unread.
  • Unread: Shows notifications that we haven’t read yet.
  • Read: Displays notifications that we’ve already read.
Messages: This is our personal messaging center. We can view our inbox, starred messages, sent messages, compose new messages, and even search for specific messages.
  • Inbox: Contains messages that we’ve received.
  • Starred: Shows messages that we’ve starred for quick access.
  • Sent: Lists messages that we’ve sent to others.
  • Compose: Allows us to write and send a new message.
  • Search: Lets us search for specific messages.
Friends: This section manages our friendships and friend requests.
  • Friendship: Shows our current friends.
  • Requests: Displays pending friend requests.
Groups: Here, we can view our group memberships and any pending invitations to join groups.
  • Memberships: Lists the groups we’re currently a member of.
  • Invitations: Shows invitations to join other groups.
Invitations: This feature allows us to send invites to other users and view any pending invites we have received.
  • Send Invites: Allows us to send invitations to other users.
  • Pending Invites: Displays invitations we’ve sent that are still pending.
Blog: This is where we manage our blog posts. We can view published posts, pending posts, draft posts, and even create a new post.
  • Published Posts: Lists our blog posts that have been published.
  • Pending Posts: Shows our blog posts that are pending approval.
  • Draft Posts: Displays our blog posts that are still drafts.
  • New Post: Lets us create a new blog post.
Settings: This section allows us to manage various settings such as general settings, email settings, profile visibility, group invites, data exportation, and account deletion.
  • General: Contains general settings for our account.
  • Email: Lets us manage our email settings.
  • Profile Visibility: Allows us to manage who can see our profile.
  • Group Invites: Lets us manage group invitation settings.
  • Export Data: Allows us to export our data from the site.
  • Delete Account: Lets us delete our account if needed.